Anna Karamitsou worked in her career as choreograph, solist dancer, dancer and trainer for many Dance groups and Theatre groups like Y. Metsis, H. Mantafounis, C. Koun - Theatre of Art, Editta Braun, Comedie Francaise, Blanca Li, M. Nalmpantis, L. Gomes and others.

Adonis bio

Adonis Papadopoulos was born in 1981. He studied traditional percussion instruments (darbouka-toumbelek, davul a.o.) with M. Klapakis, classical percussion with K. Vorissis and K. Theodorakos.

Norma Claire

Από το 1976 μέχρι το 1991, η Norma Claire χορεύει στα μπαλέτα των Αντιλλών, στα αφρικάνικα μπαλέτα, καθώς επίσης και σαν σολίστ του Εθνικού Μπαλέτου της Σενεγάλης. Συνεργάζεται επίσης με τους Cisse και Elsa Wolliaston. Από το 1992 αρχίζει να χορογραφεί.


Maré Sanogo was born in 1951 in the village of Makono, Kayes in Mali. At the age of 15 his outstanding musical talent was discovered by the director of the National ballet of Mali.

from Workshops

Seminar African Dance with Anna Karamitsou and Adonis Papadopoulos

Workshop African Dance with Norma Claire

Workshop Percussion (djembé & dundun) with Maré Sanogo, Mali.