With great joy and love for the African Music and the Tradition of Dance, Anna Karamitsou decided to open the first School for African Dance and Arts in Greece. The Studio Seli Kanou is a new space in the centre of Athens where anyone could get in touch with the culture of the African continent. Not only by learning African Dance or playing percussion, but also with trying the African cuisine, cremes, herbs and even the African hairstyling!

Anna Karamitsou worked in her career as choreograph, solist dancer, dancer and trainer for many Dance groups and Theatre groups like Y. Metsis, H. Mantafounis, C. Koun - Theatre of Art, Editta Braun, Comedie Francaise, Blanca Li, M. Nalmpantis, L. Gomes and others. With studies at the important Hellenic State School of DanceĀ (K.S.O.T.) in Greece and other countries (Peter Goss, Alvin Ailey, a.o.), since 1986 she shared her knowledge by teaching adults and children in Greece and France about dance.

The African Continent won her in 1993, when she started to take lessons and seminars in France and Africa (Norma Claire, Elsa Wolliaston, Irene Tassembedo, School of Traditional African Percussion and Dance of Sega Sidibe and Mamadou Kante, Ibrahim Doumbia, and other). In 2004 she founded in collaboration with the musician Adonis Papadopoulos the African Dance and Music Company "Seli Kanou" and finally in 2007 the first school for African dance, music and art in Greece, the Studio Seli Kanou. Until today the school is a private enterprise without any financial fundings by the Greek government.

Apart from this, due to the unique combination, the Studio Seli Kanou offers also the possibility to learn Modern Dance, Free Expression, Hip Hop, Latin Dance, Gymnastics, Theatre Play for adults and children, Acting, Body Theatre, Video Art, Mosaic Art, Creative Writing, and more - with regular and extra classes.

at Studio Seli Kanou